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A pioneering invention but no protection  
Ground breaking inventions, refined developments, brand names known throughout the world or famous designs, what would they be without legal protection? Good ideas, perhaps. But beyond that: nothing. Intellectual property pirates would highjack the idea in some dark atelier only days after the original invention. Thus, any idea worthy of protection is only as good as the system that protects it. But there are other aspects: Is the idea really that new? Can it be protected and if yes, how? How can it best be protected? For questions such as these, the consultation of an experienced patent attorney is the best solution.
All fields and aspects of intellectual property are covered at the patent attorneys' office of Müller & Schubert. Their field of expertise is comprehensive. You can expect all-encompassing support, beginning well before the actual registration and extending beyond the grant of legal protection. You can view Müller & Schubert as security experts; consider them to be your ideas' attorneys.

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