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What would groundbreaking inventions, sophisticated developments, world-famous brand names or celebrated designs be without property rights? Good ideas, but nothing more.

No sooner do they see the light of day than pirates from a duplication station swoop in to steal your ideas and claim them as their own. All this is to say that a patentable idea is only as good as its protection.

But is an idea ever really new? Or is it yesterday’s news? Can it even be protected? If so, how? What is the smartest way to protect an idea?

Your best bet for questions like these is to consult an experienced patent attorney. Patent attorney Klemens Schubert works with all aspects of industrial property rights.

He offers an extensive range of services. You can rely on comprehensive support that begins long before the application and extends beyond the acquisition of legal protections.

Think of Klemens Schubert as your security expert and advocate for your ideas.

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German Patent DE 33 16 155 C2

A pharmaceutical invention by Dr Klemens Schubert

Download the complete patent specification

Dr. Klemens Schubert

Graduate Chemist | Patent Attorney |
European Patent, Trademark & Design Attorney

After earning undergraduate and doctorate degrees in chemistry from the Free University of Berlin, I spent ten years at a medium-sized pharmaceutical company working in both production and research. My own inventions led to my interest in industrial property rights, and I ultimately became a patent attorney.

In addition to chemistry and pharmacology, the technical focus of my work also lies in pharmaceutical technology, medical technology, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemical technology, environmental technology, renewable energy, and general engineering. Trademark law also holds a special appeal for me, the acquisition and enforcement of which is another of my main focuses.

I work as the sole attorney in my own law firm. I have been German patent attorney since 1995 and was admitted as a European patent attorney in 1999.

I was the founding partner of the law offices of Müller & Schubert Patentanwälte from 2006 until 2020.

Heike Schubert

Graduate Chemist | Patent Attorney |
European Patent, Trademark & Design Attorney

I have been working in the field of international property law since 2001.

I started out by doing searches on the state of the art for patent applications and identifying opposition material.

I conduct searches for our clients, using both the publicly accessible databases of the patent offices and the STN®, PubMed® and MEDLINE® databases.

My technical focus is on chemistry, pharmaceutical products and processes, food technology, chemical process engineering, biotechnology and environmental technology.

Providing support to start-ups is particularly important to me. Founders face enormous challenges, especially in the initial start-up phase.

I have undergone training in mediation and mediated communication. Mediation is gaining ground in industrial property law as an important means of conflict resolution, for example between joint applicants and inventors as well as for employee inventions.

The aim of mediation is to ensure a win-win solution for all the parties involved, thereby resolving conflicts. The use of mediated communication can also help in resolving conflicts.

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Dr. rer. nat. Klemens Schubert

Graduate Chemist
Patent Attorney
European Patent, Trademark & Design Attorney
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